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Interview with Eli Share, Mobile & IoT Lead, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

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Interview with Eli Share, Mobile & IoT Lead, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation


Tell me a bit about your role at Bosch

I am the IoT and mobile lead for power tools North America. This means that I get involved in all of the IoT products that we push out from a power tools perspective, as well as clearly understanding our end users and integrating these types of connected products into their daily work.

Tell me about the ways you use IoT

We have connected power tools as well as location tracking systems. These are mainly used to transmit information and data to impact productivity around construction, and also to extract information from the tool that the customer most needs, in line with their usage. As we expand, we are now looking at LPWAN technology, mostly so that we can transmit the data over a much larger area.

What impact do you think LPWAN technologies will have on these processes and way you work at Bosch?

I think it will have a big impact. Within construction there are very large areas that we need to move data between; there are wide open landscapes and multi-storey structures which are being built. LPWA technologies will really impact how we focus our solutions; we will be able to send updates over the whole site practically in real time and then analyze this information very quickly. It’s very exciting.

What questions do you hope to have answered at LPWA Americas this year?

I’m really looking forward to it. I want to see how all of the networks have evolved! They have moved really quickly in what they are able to do, and to be on the ground talking to the people who are immersed in those networks is so helpful for understanding what the capabilities are, what will be available soon and also allowing us to align our solutions to best utilize these networks to their full capability. I’m really looking to understand more about what these networks can do from a technical perspective, as well as all of the different use cases. We have all heard about connected street lights and smart meters, but I want to hear about use cases that are pushing the boundaries so that we can learn from them and apply the lessons to our own solutions.

Who do you hope to meet and learn from at the event?

I’m looking to speak to every group involved in the industry, especially the end users. The most impactful thing I think is to learn about the solutions, the problems people have had and how they overcame them. To me, technology doesn’t provide a benefit if it doesn’t provide a solution to the end user, so I think I can learn a lot from them. 

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